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Club 19 Meetings

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Rostrum Club 19 meets every Friday morning (except public holidays) at 7.15 am at the Cooperative Bulk Handling (CBH) headquarters, 30 Delhi Street, West Perth, Western Australia (WA). (See photo.) Meetings have a duration of one hour.

The cost per meeting is $4, paid by all persons attending the meeting, except for a first-time visitor.

The $4 attendance fee includes complimentary tea, coffee, orange juice & water provided in the meeting room. Any other food (eg yoghurt, cereal, toast etc) can be purchased by members from the menu at the CBH cafeteria before the meeting commences.

Contact Club 19

For further information about Rostrum Club 19 meetings you may visit the:

Recent Club 19 Highlights

  • Club 19 was established on 10 October 1963
    - Click here to view or download to view or download a PDF version (626k) of its Certificate of Affiliation
  • Rostrum Club 19 celebrated its meeting number 2000 on 22 June 2007
    - Click here to view or download to view or download a PDF version (420k) of the program
  • Rostrum Club 19 celebrated its 50 anniversary year in 2013 with a meeting on 18 October 2013
    - Click here to view or download to view or download a PDF version (676k) of the program
  • The WA Rostrum Speaker of the Year Competition was won by club member Amber Anderson in 2008
  • Rostrum WA Recruitment Award for the club which recruited the most members in 2008
  • Rostrum WA Bronze Medallion for long service awarded to Dorothy Psaila-Savona
  • Colin Peacock was elevated to Freeman in November 2015
  • Greg Swensen won the Arthur Garvey Impromptu Speaker of the Year 2015 competition in November 2015
  • Alan Crook Rostrum Club of the Year Award in November 2016

Alan Crook award

Rostrum WA awarded this trophy to Club 19 for its achievements over the course of the 2015/2016 year, being a club of excellence.


Click here for further details about the award & past winning clubs.

Rostrum Speaker of the Year Competition

WA Rostrum holds an annual statewide competition open to all Rostrum members, called the Arthur Garvey Speaker of the Year Competition. It involves semi finals from which winners, who have been scored by a judging panel, using a standarised Adjudication scoring sheet (see below), progress through to the finals. The final involves presentation of a 10 speech, which the finalists have prepared for, on a topic they have selected from a list of provided topics two weeks before the final.

2016 competition

In 2016 Club 19 had three out of the six finalists in the final of the Speaker of the Year competition -

  • Jacqui Holden
  • Katelyn Lane
  • Riley Burkett

Read an article here about the finalists in the November edition of WA Rostrums' ezine the WA Rostrum Informer.

There was a large contingent of members who attended the finals on 19 November to support Jacqui, Katelyn & Riley.

The Club's President Riley accepting the Alan Crook trophy.

2015 competition

In 2015 Club 19's finalist was Viv Ishak, a remarkable achievement given that she had been a member for less than a year.

Speaker year 2015 finalists

2008 competition

In 2008 the Club's finalist was Amber Anderson. Amber who won the competition, had only recently joined Club 19.

The Club 19's then President, Terry Cunningham, noted that, "Amber's achievement was especially noteworthy as there were three other finalists, with none of them having less than 10 years experience in Rostrum. Amber used that Aquarian energy and enthusiasm, combined with a well structured speech, true emotion and great technique to blitz the competition. It was a  truly magnificent performance from Amber who only joined Club 19 in February 2008."


Club 19 David Carlson Most Improved Speaker Award

Each year Club 19 presents an within-club award to recognise from recently joined members a person who has demonstrated notable progress & improvement in their confidence & ability with respect to their scheduled public speaking & presentations at Club meetings over the year.

  • 1997: Alan Wolstencroft
  • 1998: Sandra Bowman
  • 1999: Suet Mei Yu
  • 2000: Bernie Kroczek
  • 2001: Peter Templeman
  • 2002: Felicity Flugge
  • 2003: Anthony Congdon
  • 2004: Pips Kumleden
  • 2005: Rebecca Brown & Malcolm Roberts
  • 2006: Sandra Green
  • 2007: Julie Payne
  • 2008: Dan Soanes & Michael Musgrave
  • 2009: Samantha May
  • 2010: Natalia Gavrilova
  • 2011: Melody Hau
  • 2012: Franco Raccuia
  • 2013: Katie Law
  • 2014: Kaz Bannan
  • 2014: Viv Isak
  • 2015: Caroline Bannon
  • 2016: Karyn Cooper

The 2016 Winner

Most improved speaker 2016 trophy

Club 19 Current & Recent Members

  • Bannan, Caz
  • Burkett, Riley
  • Caniglia, Beth
  • Capellini, Stefano
  • Chipper, Elliott
  • Colson, David
  • Cooper, Karyn
  • Corney, Carol
  • Crane, Jane
  • Cunningham, Terry
  • Dickson, Alan
  • Dowling, Shane
  • Ellies, Lesley
  • Ffarrington, John
  • Gates, Rob
  • Hart, Wayne
  • Holden, Jacqui
  • Hrurukvit, Dylan
  • Ishak, Viv
  • Kratz, Madlen
  • Lai, Brenda
  • Lake, Dom
  • Lane, Katelyn
  • Lieu, Rachel
  • Lim, Jason
  • Margan, Rhys
  • Minchin, Graham
  • Neill, Kerry
  • Nisbet, Michael
  • Oliver, Lee
  • O'Neill, Lauren
  • Pages-Oliver, Anita
  • Pasch, Dislie
  • Peacock, Colin
  • Psaila-Savona, Dorothy
  • Siew, Tien Wong
  • Smith, Kristian
  • Soanes, Dan
  • Swensen, Greg
  • Warren, Greg
  • Watts, Patricia
  • Whitehead, Robert
  • Woolford, Sarah
  • Wood, Natalija
  • Yekta, Azi

Club 19 Speaker of the Year winners:

  • 1990: Colin Peacock
  • 1991: Peter King
  • 1992: Peter Zurzolo
  • 1993: Brian McMahon
  • 1994: Colin Peacock
  • 1995: Colin Peacock
  • 1996: Gayle Greenwood
  • 1997: Pat Aguero & Janet Egan
  • 1998: Peter Zurzolo
  • 1999: Tony Scott
  • 2000: Gayle Greenwood
  • 2001: David Colson
  • 2002: Colin Peacock
  • 2003: Anthony Congdon
  • 2004: Anthony Congdon
  • 2005: Malcolm Roberts
  • 2006: Terry Cunningham & Malcolm Roberts
  • 2007: Not held
  • 2008: Dan Soanes
  • 2009: Colin Peacock & Deborah Bacon (novice)
  • 2010: Jason Lim & Avinash Kamath (novice)
  • 2011: Sue White
  • 2012: Jason Lim
  • 2013: Claire Hamersley
  • 2013: Kaz Bannan
  • 2013: Claire Hamersley
  • 2014: Caroline Bannon
  • 2015: Rob Gates & Shane Dowling
  • 2016: Lauren O'Neill

Club 19 Life Members

  • John Ffarrington
  • Ron Jeffrey
  • Colin Peacock
  • Dorothy Psaila-Savona
  • Greg Warren

Useful information about public speaking

Click here to view or download a PDF version (324k) 20 page - publication written by Freeman Julian Rice in 2010 Club executive manual. It contains comprehensive descriptions & summaries of the roles & responsibilities of office holders, including club presidents, the program director, secretary, treasurer and dais representatives.

Click here to view or download a PDF version (104k) of the principles & requirements for the 10 most frequent Procedural motions that may arise in a general business segment of a meeting.

Click here to view or download a PDF version (104k) of a set of Guidelines for debating based on information originally prepared by Freeman David Carlson.

Click here to view or download a PDF version (80k) of a pro forma Adjudication scoring sheet for scoring competitive speaking.

Click here to view or download a PDF version (24k) of the By Laws of Rostrum Club 19.

Click here to view or download a PDF version (24k) of the Standing Orders of Rostrum Club 19.

Click here to view or download a PDF version (20k) of Notes for guidance/assistance of a Chairman at club meetings prepared by Colin Peacock.

Click here to go the website of David Price, a Perth based member of Rostrum WA with extensive public speaking experience, who operates a business providing consulting and training on meetings for companies & individuals.

Click here to go to an online article by Tim Smedley, Is public speaking fear limiting your career? - published March 2017 on the BBC's Capital page of articles.

Rostrum Personal Development Program

One of the benefits of attending a Rostrum Club is to participate in a three staged comprehensive Personal Development Program (PDP) developed by Rostrum WA. Each stage consists of a series of tiered & sequential exercises which are described in detail in the Introductory or foundation, Intermediate & Advanced PDP booklets.

Click here to view a table of members who have recently completed or currently undertaking one of these personal development programs.

The Introductory PDP consists of 12 sequential learning exercises which members can choose to undertake after joining a club.

  1. About me (first speech)
  2. Answering a pertinent question (impromptu speech 2-3 minutes)
  3. Participating in a member (ie move a motion or amendment during a meeting)
  4. Asking a pertinent question (PQ)
  5. I feel strongly about speech (4 minute speech)
  6. Reading aloud
  7. Finding something to say (4 minute speech to persuade, entertain or inform an audience)
  8. Finding something to say (5 minute speech)
  9. Conducting a Rostrum meeting
  10. Prepared speech (5 minutes)
  11. Giving a demonstrtion
  12. Prepared speech (6 minutes)

The Intermediate PDP is designed to increase a person's confidence by undertaking nine areas of further development.

  1. Impromptu speech
  2. Reading poetry
  3. Chairing a Rostrum meeting
  4. Presenting a persuasive speech (5 minutes)
  5. Chairing a formal part of a Rostrum meeting
  6. Present a training session to either inform or teach a skill
  7. Present a competition speech
  8. Present an entertaining speech
  9. Lead a discussion (ie a group situation which does not have a structure of formal meeting).

Club 19 Awards

Photos of Current & Recent Members


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