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Since 2002 I have participated in a number of series of time trials in Perth Western Australia (WA), which are conducted by a West Australian (WA) based organisation, the Australian Time Trial Association (ATTA). I am interested in cycling as a form of transport & also as it provides health benefits from the regular exertion involved.

Click here to go to a page which has lists of my own results from time trials & other information related to cycling.

Rostrum Western Australia

Rostrum is a public speaking club & operates in all Australian States & Territories. I am a member of Club 19, which meets Friday mornings at 7.15 am in West Perth, for a breakfast meeting.

Click here to go to a page with details about weekly meetings of Rostrum Club 19 West Perth.

Click here to go to the Rostrum Western Australia Facebook page page for information & highlights from recent events & meetings.

Click here to go to the main Rostrum Western Australia website for information about clubs & meetings in the State.

Click here to go to the main Rostrum Australia website for information about Rostrum clubs operating throughout Australia.

Iyengar Yoga

I have come to appreciate that undertaking a diverse range of exercises, such as provided by Iyengar Yoga, provides important health & strengthening benefits. This tradition is characterised by the practice of asana and pranayama, which emphasise precision, alignment, planned sequencing, timing and the innovative use of props.

An outstanding feature of this approach it that enables people of varying ages, levels of health and fitness to enjoy the benefits which a sustained practice can bring & means that someone can develop strategies applicable to the physical, mental and emotional challenges inherent in contemporary life. To quote the website of Yoga WA -

Iyengar Yoga uses asanas or yoga postures as its basis for individual development, to restore natural flexibility to stiff backs, necks and limbs. The emphasis is placed on balancing the dynamic forces within the body through close observation of physical alignment, spinal extension and breath. Asanas are used to tune the mind to be receptive to messages the body is sending. (Iyengar method founder, B.K.S. Iyengar.)

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